How We Help

We partner with courageous parents and caregivers who are building upon their strengths to overcome life’s challenges, build a brighter future for their children and contribute to thriving communities, enriched by the power of their triumph over adversity.

We offer free professional home visits, parent education, specialized preschool, and support with basic needs for families with children from birth to five years old – the time research shows these programs have the greatest long-term impact on a child’s development.

A Family Place combines community support and proven methodology to invest in the future of Yamhill County’s children and families.

Why We Help

It’s the right thing to do.

Every child deserves to be safe!

It’s the wise thing to do.

An early investment in our children pays dividends for generations to come.

You can help!

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To click the button below, or to donate via check, please make checks payable to A Family Place. Please indicate Yamhill County in the memo line. If you would instead like to donate via ACH transfer, or directly from your retirement account please contact our Advancement Manager, Emily Garrick-Steenson at, she would be happy to help you set that up. 

A Family Place is a program of

Learn more about how A Family Place fits cozily under Yamhill County’s “Lutheran Community Services” Umbrella HERE!

A Family Place is a proud member of the Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries & Healthy Families Oregon. 

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