Big Support For A Tiny Life

Jacob* came into the world in April, three months early and weighing only 2lbs, 11oz. 
His mother had worked hard to get clean, moved into transitional housing in January and enrolled in our home visiting program the month before his birth. 
“She was very consistent and committed,” shared Courtney Salzano, her home visitor. “She texted at 2am after the birth to let me know she would have to cancel her upcoming appointment.”
Little Jacob and his mother were immediately transported to Portland and placed in the NICU. With the help of her home visitor, and staff at the housing facilities where each lived, she and Jacob’s father worked out a schedule so one of them would be with him every day. At the NICU they were allowed to hold Jacob and provide the nurturing skin-to-skin contact that is so critical for all infants. 
But the cost of gas soon became a barrier to Jacob’s mom being able to visit.
Understanding the importance of the visits for Jacob’s development, as well as his mother’s well-being, Courtney turned to the local Service Integration Team, organization by the Yamhill CCO. The team approved $200 in gas vouchers, which have allowed the visits to continue. 
Mom continues to consistently spend time with Jacob, as well as her home visitor who helps her anticipate what he will need when he comes home. His most recent update showed him at nearly 6lbs and growing – so it won’t be long before he will join them for their home visits. At home, with his mom. 
(*Children and client names are changed for privacy.)

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