diaper drives

FP5Diaper Drives

A Family Place is the only non-profit organization in Yamhill County providing free diapers to moms in need. Even though we limit the monthly supply each family can request, we still distribute thousands of diapers each month.

Diaper drives are a great way for business, organizations, and service clubs to help ensure emergency supplies of diapers are available in our community. For complete details, down a Diaper Drive Kit to get started today!

Over 50% of our current clients first walked through our doors to receive an emergency supply of diapers. Maintaining this critical resource in our community is essential to our ability to connect with families who are struggling. Diaper donations can be brought to either diaper bank (Newberg: 1714 Villa Rd / McMinnville: 125 SE Cowls) from 10-noon on Thursdays, or contact us to arrange an alternate time.

Additional questions? Contact Tai James (tjames@lcsnw.org/971-241-1877)