Kiley’s Story

Two-year-old Kiley (name has been changed for privacy) has been in the relief nursery classroom for just a little over a month, but she is benefitting already. Twice each week she is picked up and taken to a specialized classroom where she eats two meals and interacts with early childhood specialists trained in providing a nurturing environment for children who frequently come from stressful home lives. Everything from the instruction techniques to the toys provided have been specifically chosen to engage Kiley in a manner appropriate for her age.

Kiley’s mom has struggled with substance abuse and depression, but she is determined to learn from her past mistakes and be a good mom to Kiley. She uses the time Kiley spends at the nursery to exercise and take care of herself, making her more able to focus on the job of parenting when Kiley is home. She is also taking advantage of our weekly Mothers & Babies class focusing on understanding depression and building networks with other parents. Additionally, she regularly welcomes a member of A Family Place’s home visitation team into her home to work on effective parenting techniques. Kiley and her mother will benefit from these programs for the rest of their lives.

Children like Kiley need a good home life. Parents trying to break the cycle of abuse and neglect need a place to turn. Help us empower families, strengthen children and preserve our community. Please make your gift today in honor of Yamhill County’s children.

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