Supporting the Future

Children are the future of our community and at the center of our work. Here are a few of the children we have served this year:

Brian, 2: I have a new baby sister and she needs a lot of medical care and attention – my mommy is pretty busy with her. Going to the nursery gives my mommy time with my sister and gives me time to play with my friends at school.

Clint, 3: My mommy is in treatment and doing her best to keep my brother and me. While I am at class mommy attends some classes she needs.

Sam, 2: My family and I live with my grandma in an apartment with little room and no outdoor space. My mommy keeps looking for work and she is pretty stressed about that situation. Going to school gives me time and space to run around, play and be happy!

Layla, 3: I used to mostly spend time with my mommy at home; she has some medical difficulties and needs lots of rest. While I go to the nursery I get social interaction and my mom gets to stay at home and take care of herself.

Relief Nursery involvement will help these children, along with the hundreds of others in the specialized classroom, home visiting and parent education programs to:

  • Stay safe in their homes.
  • Experience reduced family risk factors associated with child abuse and neglect.
  • Enhance their literacy and school readiness.
  • Reduce their chances of foster placement.
  • Experience improved economic stability.
  • Decrease emergency room use.

More information about these, and other outcomes of relief nursery involvement are available through the Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries’ website.

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