The Many Benefits of Home Visiting

A recent article in the Washington Post titled Home visiting programs are preschool in its earliest forms makes a strong case for home visiting.

It and other recent articles refer to a number of studies that confirm an important fact: Home visiting in the first three years of life reduces child abuse, increases kindergarten readiness and can help break the cycle of poverty.

Early brain development

This article also includes some important information about early brain development:

“The brain develops more in the first few years than at any other time in life, and studies have identified an achievement gap as early as nine months into a child’s life, separating those from rich households and those from poor households, which tend to be more stressful and less stimulating environments.

“By the time children are two or three years old, the gap is more pronounced in the size of their vocabularies, their social skills and their emotional abilities, such as to calm down and focus. All are key predictors of later school success.”

Home visits are an important part of our work

Home visits are an important part of our work at A Family Place. Families who participate in our therapeutic classrooms receive a visit at least once a month. It’s a valuable time to help coach the parents in important skills as well as identify any additional needs the family may have.

Writing in TexProtects: The Texas Association for the Protection of Children, Madeline McClure and April Wilson share additional benefits to early home visits.

Home visits can prevent child abuse

“The good news is that after decades of scientific research, numerous experimental studies demonstrate that certain programs, such as home visits, can prevent children from being abused in the first place,” they write.

“In fact, evidence shows that home visits not only hold great promise in preventing child abuse, but they also provide other positive benefits to children, families and society as a whole.”

We are excited to open this fall

We are excited to open our first therapeutic classrooms this fall so we can start making a difference in the lives of Yamhill County families.

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